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Georgia Tornado Shelters


Severe weather is notoriously unpredictable. We have a vast knowledge about the conditions and surroundings that cause it and how often this occurs throughout the country. We have sophisticated warning systems, as well as extensive radio and 24/7 news and television coverage of these storms and Tornadoes as they approach and even destroy. Even with all of this technology and warning systems, still hundreds are killed each year from tornadoes, freak storms and other disasters, with thousands more injured. Property loss is routinely in the billions of dollars.


Georgia Storm Shelters
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The Granger ISS is the only Tornado Shelter that can tout a double wall (2 walls), each 1/2" thick, Rotationally Molded from one of mankind's most durable materials, Polyethylene. Watch the video to see the Internationally recognized Tornado Shelter innovation being produced, assembled, quality control checks and loaded into a truck for shipment!

See the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter Polyethylene door exceed FEMA 320 Standards as it is tested at Texas Tech University's Wind Engineering and Research Center! Notice how the door handles the 15# 2 x 4 as it is shot out of an air cannon at extreme high speeds to simulate an F-5 250 mph Tornado wind! The Granger Iss Tornado Shelter exceeded these standards! With nothing to hide Granger Plastics makes it Tornado Shelter videos available via the internet... Why would other shelter manufacturers make your request it from them if they have nothing to hide? The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter- The best Storm Shelters on the market!

Fiberglass Tornado Shelters vs Polyethylene Underground Tornado Shelters

The original YouTube video that started the debate! As numerous low-end Fiberglass shelter manufacturers "heard thru the grapevine" that Granger Plastics was out of the gate educating potential consumers as to the differences between Fiberglass and Polyethylene. Many chose to accept the facts and new innovations as Polyethylene as a superior material to fiberglass, while a scarce few who seem to be stuck in the past, refuse to accept that Fiberglass is an inferior material in comparison to polyethylene in terms of Tornado Shelters. Watch the video above to see how the Polyetheylene Tornado Shelter sample excels in comparison against fiberglass! Coming soon, Granger Plastics will be releasing a 2nd Generation Tornado Shelter comparison video, this time it will provide a "handicap" advantage to the less capable Fiberglass material, while also utilizing samples from "known Fiberglass Tornado Shelters" thanks to a number of newly added Tornado Shelter dealers to the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter network! Will the Fiberglass still fail? How will the Fiberglass hold up in comparison against common lawn & garden chemicals? Coming soon!

Tornado Shelter Comparisons

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Georgia Tornado Shelters